Wilks expanding Video FAQs for InfraCal Analyzers

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, a video can be invaluable for helping customers out with frequently asked questions.  Wilks is expanding a series of 2-3 minute “how to” videos.  Below is a sampling of some that have been completed. Did you know Wilks now has an ASTM compliant instrument for measuring […]

New Portable, Rapid ASTM Biodiesel Blend Measurement Method Just Released

Finally an ASTM biodiesel blend method for portable, easy to use, on-site analyzers! Until today, portable biodiesel-blend measurements were limited to Methods D7371 and EN 14078 which required FTIR spectrometers.  Placing expensive equipment at a loading dock or in a truck is not a preferred choice of terminal operators or regulators. In addition to the […]

Update on ASTM D02 Meeting for Spectro/Wilks Products

For those of you who missed the delicious food and drink as well as a chance to see our new InfraCal 2 product line at the Spectro/Wilks hospitality suite at the ASTM D02 meeting in December, the following is an update on associated methods. The work item for measuring FAME (biodiesel) in diesel fuel concentration, […]

The InfraCal Analyzer Helps Extend the Life of Power Transformers

Over 70% of large power transformers are more than 25 years old with the average age approaching the expected 40-year design life. Because of the large capital investment, utilities would rather extend the life of a transformer than replace it.  As a result, many utilities have instituted Life Cycle Transformer Management programs in an attempt to extend […]

Spectro Inc. Acquires Wilks Enterprise, Inc.

As of October 1st Wilks Enterprise, Inc. is excited to be part of Spectro Inc. which is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA.  Wilks has always focused on providing analyzers for specific measurements that can be operated on location where the analysis is needed by non-technical personnel.  Spectro Inc. has the same commitment to providing rugged, portable […]

Increased Biodiesel Blend Measurement Capability with the new InfraCal 2 Analyzer

For blenders who want to maximize financial biodiesel incentives provided by federal or state programs or regulators who want to keep those in the fuel supply chain honest, portable on-site measurements are essential.  The new InfraCal 2 Analyzer for biodiesel in diesel measurements offers additional features to the already established InfraCal Biodiesel Blend Analyzer.  These […]